Event: Little Hands Big Ideas Spring Session Kids' Crafts

Ivy Handmade Industries is offering a series of 1-hour children's art classes for a duration of 6 weeks. Children will be taught a variety of social, educational and craft skills geared to ages 4 and up with emphasis on each individual child's abilities.
Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 6:00pm to Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 7:00pm
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Ivy Handmade Industries - 7654 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor ON N8T1E9
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Kids going stir crazy from a winter of being cooped up in the house? Kick-start your child’s imagination with our Spring Session of kids’ crafts at Ivy Handmade Industries. Our program consists of 1-hour sessions every Wednesday at 6pm for a total of 6 weeks. Classes are geared to kids ages 4 and up with activities that can be adapted to each child’s individual skill sets. Children will learn a variety of important craft and social skills while having loads of fun! You get the benefit of 1 hour of free time to kick back and enjoy a coffee in the conveniently located food court next door. Below is a brief description of the classes offered: Class #1 Paper Bag Trees—Bring a little piece of nature indoors by modeling your own free-standing 3-dimensional tree. Embellish your tree with leaves or fruits reflective of your favourite season. Highlighted skills: 3-D modeling, seasons, gluing Class #2 Cardboard Cityscape—Calling all little builders! Plan and construct your own “Me-town”. Highlighted skills: collage, city planning, painting, cutting Class#3 Yarn Painting—Craft a masterpiece to hand on your wall of create a work of art for Mom just in time for Mother’s Day. Highlighted skills: fine motor skills, colour theory, self expression Class #4 Puzzle Scramble—Create your own jigsaw puzzle and then scramble it up by trading pieces with your classmates to create a unique design. Highlighted skills: drawing, sharing, confidence building Class #5 Wire & Paper Sculpture—Learn a simple technique combining wire and paper to model your own 3-dimensional sculptures. Make your favourite animal or object or create one from your imagination. Highlighted skills: using 2-D objects to render 3-D forms, wirework, geometry & spatial relationships Class #6 Milk Jug Mask—Get set to make-believe! Upcycle a plastic jug into a mask of your favourite character or to express an emotion. Highlighted skills: painting, mask-making, emotions, recycling, colour layering The cost for classes is $60 per child for all 6 sessions. Visit us at Ivy Handmade Industries at the Tecumseh Mall or call us at (226)783-1997 to reserve your spot. Seating is limited.
Lori, Dee-Dee or Harmony
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