How Can I Get Involved?

Toronto, Ontario - Live Painting Day

If you are a young artist, local community organization, community group, youth arts organization or corporation or granting body, there are many ways for you to get involved! 

  • youth and youth artists: get involved by registering your own creative and engaging art event during May 1-7 2013! For a list of ideas and help click here.
  • local community organizations: you can plan your own youth-led art projects and register them on the NYAW website, and help youth artists plan their own events through financial assistance, tools, promotions, space and guidance
  • local community groups: you can put aside $2000-$5000 to hire a youth from their community to plan events, and mobilize community involvement. ANCY can provide support in creating this position and in resources for these young leaders.
  • corporations or granting bodies: become one of our select sponsors! By doing so you will help provide the resources needed to bring the exposure and impact to NYAW, and receive national recognition for your contribution to the largest youth-led creative celebration in Canada.
  • youth and arts organizations, join us as Lead Partners.  Help spread the news about National Youth Arts Week and encourage your members and contacts across Canada to plan events!

For 2013 we’re encouraging communities to follow the lead of the City of Mississauga, who stepped up to the plate and hired their own Coordinator, leading to 18 events being planned there and engaging 4,062 community members!
Click here for more information.