Meet The Team

ANCY has hired two new staff members to help us prepare for National Youth Arts Week 2014: Rihkee Strap and Corey Craig.

Rihkee Strap is immersed in the arts of her hometown, Red Lake, Ontario. She recalls her grandmother's house being full of prints by the Woodlands artists of the Triple-K Cooperative, a local silk screen collective that operated in the 1970's. Influenced by the positive impact the arts had in her community, Rihkee made a point of staying involved.

When the Arcadia Project began, Rihkee jumped right on board. This project, a "social sculpture" located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, was both profound for her artistic and community development at large, so when it closed in 2009, Rihkee took initiative to keep community arts alive. She founded the Medicine Factory Studio in 2010, based out of the Bush Plane Heritage Centre complex. Having operated with such success, it now runs independent of her oversight, as the Bush Plane Heritage Centre Artist Studios.

Continuing with that momentum, Rihkee co-facilitated the Red Lake Youth Arts Collective and worked alongside aboriginal boreal conservationist leader Kaaren Dannenman in the Let's Save the Big Falls campaign, an effort to resist the building of a hydroelectric dam near Trout Lake.

Rihkee now lives in Toronto, Ontario, and works for us at the Arts Network for Children and Youth as Program Co-ordinator. Welcome Rihkee, we're so pleased to have you on our team!


Corey Craig is a Multimedia Designer who first began with the Arts Network for Children and Youth back in 2012 when he built our current Drupal-based website. Raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Corey graduated from Durham College's design program with an Advanced Multimedia Design Diploma. Corey enjoys practicing photography and has a wide range of skill sets including video, audio and web development, as well as graphic design.

Over the past year Corey has worked with Circle Media as a multimedia developer and with Golden Rescue as a web graphic designer. Corey built the Arts Network for Children and Youth website perfectly for us; he featured account sign-up for various arts organizations that want to join ANCY and a list of currently registered profiles. He has also included a blog so we may highlight news and events in the arts sector, as well as an easy-to-edit back-end for ANCY administrators, allowing us to make necessary changes for our website, accordingly.

We are so pleased with the work Corey has done for us and are happy to welcome him back this 2013 for the construction of the new National Youth Arts Week website!