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National Youth Arts Week will be for youth, created by youth. It will provide an opportunity for young people to express and exchange ideas, showcase talents, get excited about the arts and celebrate their incredible communities. By getting involved in creating and leading National Youth Arts Week events and projects, you will become part of a growing national network of young leaders and artists that continues after the week is over.

To get involved, let us know who you are and where you are. We’ll keep you updated on what others are doing to get ready. We’ll share what’s happening in your community and how you can get involved. We’ll connect you with other youth leaders in your area. National Youth Arts Week is going to be big – make sure you’re a part of it.

Who should register?

  • Youth and individual artists
  • Organizations
  • Communities

Why register?

  • Get updates on what is happening in and around your community for National Youth Arts Week
  • Get ideas from other communities of events you can duplicate
  • Connect with other youth and organizations across the country
  • Find out where you can get involved in your area Share what you are doing in your community to get others involved















Sign up here to become part of the celebration:

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