Recruit Local Youth

If you are a community/municipality or organization that is interested in making something happen in your community for National Youth Arts Week, a good first step is to hire a Community Coordinator or mentor and support a volunteer Youth Mobilizer.


Community Coordinators are young leaders between the ages of 18-32 who have the skills and experience to organize events and mobilize other youth.   Their role is to help other young people organize events and connect youth to resources and tools to get their projects going.  They will be raising money to support projects, getting the word out and connecting their community to the national event. Click here to see a list of Coordinators we currently have working across Canada. 

Community Coordinator Job Description (pdf)


Volunteer Youth Mobilizers are young people who are good at getting their peers and communities excited about projects.  They are interested in volunteering to make things happen in their community.  They are planning events with their friends and encouraging others to take part, spreading the word throughout their community, and ensuring everyone is revved up about National Youth Arts Week! Youth 

Youth Mobilizer Job Description (pdf)


If you are interested in hiring or supporting a Youth Organizer, we are happy to help you get started!


What we can provide:

  • Initial support, direction and guidance

  • Job descriptions providing a general outline of associated tasks for each role

  • Access to a network of Youth Mobilizers and Community Coordinators across the country to share ideas and network with

  • A toolkit of resources to help plan and organize events

  • Ideas for fun, easy, affordable events for youth to run in your community

  • Media package with press releases and logos to help raise awareness about your events

  • Online and social media promotions that will connect your community’s events to national festivities


What we unfortunately can’t provide:

  • Funding to hire local Community Coordinators (but we will provide guidance on how you can find funding)

  • Intensive, ongoing or on-site event planning assistance


We also recommend creating a Youth Arts Week Committee to support your Youth Organizer.  If you hire a Community Coordinator we will include their contact information on our website so people in your community know who to contact if they want to plan or take part in National Youth Arts Week.